5 Ways for the Film Director to Prepare for the Film Shoot

5 Ways for the Film Director to Prepare for the Film Shoot

Film Shoots are always the fun part of Film Production.  I have been on so many film sets over the years and to this day I find that people find the shoot the most intense and enjoyable part of the film process.

The reason for this is  team work.   A group of people bond and make a creative endeavor.  There are many laughs, intense moments and character tests.  The satisfaction of creating a film that will be seen by millions of eyes in the future also adds a sense of purpose and excitement to the shoot.

However, the emerging film maker can make a mess out of a Film Shoot and end up having a very challenging time.  How can a Film Director make the most of a Film Shoot? Prepare!  Prepare!  Prepare!

How does one make a Film Shoot fun and memorable.  Here are five areas that one can focus on.

  1. The Script
  2. Actor Rehearsal
  3. Plan the Blocking in Advance
  4. Shot list and/or Storyboard
  5. Pushing the Standard High

1 Know your Script: 

This is so important.  Know your script intimately.  It is called Script Analysis.  What imgresthis means is that you break the script down and work out exactly what the characters in the scene are doing.  Generally speaking, the characters will have objectives and they will have different ways of playing the actions in the scene.  A Director needs to work out the game plan in advance of a Film Shoot.  The Director needs to know how he wants his actors to play the scene so that when he or she is directing on set, they can communicate succinctly and deliberately what they want.

2 Actor Rehearsal: 

It really pays to have an actor rehearsal prior to the Film Shoot.  What this means is that the actors and the director can discuss the script and the scenes.  When one is on a film set, there is too much happening.  The Director usually is peppered with questions and other on-set problems.  Therefore there is no time to rehearse in detail.  Have an actor rehearsal prior to a shoot.  You can weed out cluncky dialogue through improvisation.  You sometimes will find a better way of playing the scene.  If one can rehearse on the actual set prior to the shoot, this will save time.  The director can lock down the Actor Blocking in advance of the shoot.

3 Plan the Blocking in Advance:

Blocking refers to the movement of the actors on the set.  The Director needs to know exactly where he wants his actors to move on the set.  If left to the actors to move on their own, the movement can be very limited and will probally not fit in with the shot list.  So one of the key Directorial tasks, is to work out the actor’s blocking.  This takes training and that is why you should look at a really good Film Course to learn all of these film director skills.

4 Shot List Storyboard:

A Director needs to work out  their Shot list in advance of the shoot.  This is one of the areas that definitely requires training.  Working out the coverage of a scene, is so important.  A great shot list will create the building blocks for the edit.  Learn all about this on one of our practical film courses.

5 Pushing the Standard High:

Working on a film requires commitment.  However, the very best directors always push for the very best.  They motivate and cajole their actors and their crew to push for the very best.  If the actors and the crew feel that the director is pushing for a great film, they will try 10o times harder.

One needs to learn how to make films professionally and that is why it is very important to get the very best training available on the very best film course .  Remember, learn from the best and when you are shooting prepare, prepare, prepare.

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