Absolute Freedom


Seeking Investors

  • $2.4 Million Budget
  • 120 minute Duration
  • Action Adventure Movie
  • Fully developed Screenplay available on request.
  • Locations in Los Angeles and in Australia sourced
  • 40% of Budget already accessible via the Producers Offset in Australia. 
  • Post Production already in place. 
  • The Film will have a name attached. 
  • Colm O’Murchu’s and International Film Base’s New Movie 
  • Inquires: Email business@internationalfilmbase.com

Absolute Freedom Synopsis

Right Wing Los Angeles Christian Preacher, Nathan Koch, loses all his wealth, his house and his wife, after business deals go terribly wrong. Facing jail time and disgrace, Christian decides on a drastic strategy. Killing himself.

After faking his death and changing his ID, Nathan disappears. He is now called Christian Taylor and he moves from Los Angeles to Australia with a new agenda. Angry with his former church, he recreates a totally new life.

He decides to live a hedonistic lifestyle and live for the moment. He meets a young zany hitchhiker, Tara Wheatley, in the Australian Outback and is totally changed from a stiff Conservative to a care free renegade.. Inspired by Tara, he transforms himself totally and into a reckless outlaw of the Australian Outback.

After robbing the worlds largest Opal from opal mine magnate, Len Hancock, Tara and Christian are chased by police and an aggrieved criminal bikie gang, the outback avengers.

That is how it seems. Who really is Tara Wheatly. Why has she super powers that are unexplainable. Why does the CIA based at Pine Gap Tracking station suddenly take an interest and who really are the Outback Avengers.

What seems like the truth is suddenly stripped bare and as layer upon layer of deceit is uncovered, Christian finds himself at the centre of an International terrorist threat that will change the world for ever.

The truly eventful climax will blow every audience expectation into ash. Absolute Freedom is an action adventure turbo charged ride that revels in its unpredictable journey.

Fully developed Screenplay available on request.

Seeking Partners, Investors and Executive Producers, Distributors

If interested in being involved with Absolute Freedom
Please email at business@internationalfilmbase.com

Ready to Shoot Late 2020

Email: colm@internationalfilmbase.com

The Australian Producers Offset 40% 0f Budget

The Producers Offset assures 40% of the budget.
It is a refundable tax offset (rebate).

 It is worth:

40 per cent of the QAPE (Qualifying Expenditure) incurred by the applicant company in the making of a feature film, and 20 per cent of the QAPE incurred by the applicant company for other eligible formats such as television series, documentaries, animation series and online content.

A feature film is the only format which receives a 40 per cent Producer Offset. A feature film is defined in the ITAA as a ‘film produced for exhibition to the public in cinemas’

One must work with an Australian Producer such as Colm O’Murchu

Companies that finance the Offset in Australia. 

  • Elevate Production Finance
  • Flame Media,
  • Fulcrum MediaFinance
  • Mind the Gap Finance
  • Head Gear Films, 
  • IFS Capital Limited.

Film Production Budget and Finance

Budget for the Film in Australian Dollars


Interna’onal Name Actor


INA Expenses


Producer Director Writer Fees

Stage 1a – Development



Stage 1b – Pre-produc’on


Stage 2 – Produc’on


Stage 3 – Post-produc’on


Stage 4 – Marke’ng





Total es’mated cash cost of produc’on

Australian $2.400,000


Due to the really good rate of exchange in 2020, the current US Budget after exchange is US $ 1,649,608


Australian Budget from offsetOffset 40% 

US $659,600


Gap to invest

US $989,764

Director, Producer & Writer – Colm O’Murchu Film History

Colm O’Murchu is a successful Indie Filmmaker and Director of three world wide successfully released feature films and one documentary. He created and runs Australian Film Base since 2004 and helped filmmakers produce hundreds of short films, made on the 4 Month filmmaking courses.

He also owns and runs the worldwide Blog /Podcast Indie Filmmaking Passion that helps other filmmakers make and create their own films and get them seen by a worldwide audience. He has spoken at Indie Film Seminars all over the world and created online film courses availalble here https://colmomurchu.com/online-film-courses/

His most recent film Tabernacle 101 has been released worldwide in 2019 and will be released in Australia in late 2020 premiering at the Sci Fi Film Festival. He is currently in development on his next feature film Absolute Freedom, an action adventure film set in the outback. He lives in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia and loves the outdoors and the mountains.

  • 2019 Tabernacle 101 – 90 minute Movie   Released August 2019 USA  Releases everywhere else in 2020
  • 2020 Producer Writer Director “Absolute Freedom”, 110 minute motion picture, in Development 
  • 2014 DOP Fractured Light    
  • 2012 DOP Repressed
  • 2011 – Director, Dealing with Destiny feature film  (Trailer below, available on ITunes) 
  • 2010 – Producer, Director, Editor, DOP, Writer, THE MAKEOVER feature film 
  • 2009- DOP, Editor, Another Day Another Dollar
  • 2006 – Director, DOP, Editor, Central Station Records Records DVD 60 mins available in all major record stores
  • 2006 Common Ancestor Short Film 15 minutes DOP
  • 2006 KLM TV  DOP
  • 2006 In and Out Short Film DOP Editor
  • 2005 Andorra Music Clip Screened Foxtel Music Chanels SBS Director DOP Editor
  • 2005 Documentaries for Ethnic Business Awards 90 Minutes Screened SBS November 2005
  • 2005 Hidden Ciriculem Short Film DOP Edito
  • 2005 Duality Short Film 15 Minutes Director DOP Editor Writer
  • 2005 The Beach House Feature Film DOP Sydney Shoot
  • 2005 The Negotiation Short Film DOP
  • 2005 Ducking for Cover Short Film DOP Editor
  • 2004 Three The Hard Way Feature Film Starring Sam Worthington and Steve Bestoni DVD Behind the Scenes
  • 2002 – The Elixir 82 mins, Super 16mm, Producer, Writer & Director. Screenings: Cairns Film Festival (Work in Progress) 2002, Byron Bay Festival Work in progress 2001, Two awards at the Down Under Film Festival Best Director and Best Editor.The Elixir won Best Director and Best Editor awards at the Down Under Film Festival. Sales Agent for the film is Film Works in Australia New Zealand and American Film Partners in LA.
  • 1999 – Celebrity Suicide 5mins, DV, Producer, Writer & Director.
  • 1998 – Xenophobia 7mins, 16mm, Producer, Writer & Director. Screenings: Comedy Channel.
  • 1996 – Metamorphis 20mins, 16mm, Producer, Director, & Writer. Awards: Best Editor, Sydney New Film Festival, Best Special Effects, Sydney New Film Festival.
  • 1994 – Best Friends 13mins, 16mm, Producer, Director & Writer.

Related Film Experience

  • 2012 – 1997 –  (15 years) The Film Making and Directing Course. Colm is the  founder and  Head Film Instructor of the 4 Month Film School and Australian Film Base teaching emerging film makers how to make films. Colm has been involved with 171 student film productions.
  •  1997 – 2000 Freelance Writer, IF Magazine.
  • 1986 – 1985 – Freelance Photojournalist, Cambodia

Seeking Partners, Investors and Executive Producers, Distributors

If interested in being involved with Absolute Freedom
Please email at business@internationalfilmbase.com

Our Most Recent Movie Tabernacle 101

  • Supernatural Thriller – 98 Minutes
  • Production Company International Film Base
  • Director/Writer Colm O’Murchu
  • Producers Colm O’Murchu & Yolandi Franken
  • Film Shoot – 35 Days
  • Shot on location in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia. 
  • Coldest temperature -2C (28F)         Shoot Night 33 
  • Hottest temperature 42C ( 108F)      Shoot Day 5 
  • Cast – David Hov , Mikaela Franco, Elly Hirani, Leon Kowalski 
  • Releases Friday 30th August 2019  

Films Made by Colm O'Murchu

Seeking Partners, Investors and Executive Producers, Distributors

If interested in being involved with Absolute Freedom
Please email at business@internationalfilmbase.com

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