Film Producer Opportunity: Absolute Freedom 

  • Would you like to be a Film Producer now even if you have never made a film?
  • Would you like to have a good shot at making money on your next Film Production?

If so, read on and take action on a very rare and unique opportunity.

This is your chance to be a Film Producer on an American-Australian Feature Film.


Opportunity Summary:

In a Nutshell, at International Film Base, we are producing a feature film over the next year which will be seen worldwide in late 2014 -2015.  The Film is an intense and very dramatic modern day western.

Here is the One Line Synopsis.  Right Wing Los Angeles Christian Zealot, Nathan Koch, loses his wife and his life and his faith in the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.  Faking his own death, he re-creates himself as an Outlaw in the Australian Outback. 

We shall be shooting on location in the Australian Outback and in Los Angeles USA in early 2014. Preproduction will start in November 2013 this year.


Why will Absolute Freedom be such a hot film project?

  • Well, we are shooting in the outback in late summer.
  • We will have an American Named Actor that the world will have seen as a lead in many other successful films.
  • We will be seeking millions of direct sales to the consumer via online forums and our website. This should make the film very profitable.
  • We will have the Producers Offset which guarantees a 20 – 40 % recoupment before any film sales.
  • We shall aim at cinema release and maximum sales in the film market- PAY  TV, DVD, VOD and TV

We are seeking Associate Producer Partners

who will be involved in the Production of our Feature Film, “Absolute Freedom”. The Associate Producer will invest a minimum amount into the Film Production and in return, International Film Base will give the following: (Investment Amount on next Page)

  1. A formal Investment and part ownership in the copyright of the finished Film
  2. You will be credited as an Associate Producer on the Film with full IMDB Credit.
  3. You will be involved immediately in the Film Industry.
  4. You will be involved now with a High Caliber Film Project.
  5. We will seek an American recognisable named film Actor that will contribute to Film Sales all over the world.
  6. Weekly brief during the Preproduction Period.
  7. You will  see the Short List Casting videos and asked for your opinion on the Casting.
  8. You will get invited to all Social events and parties related to the Film Production.
  9. This will include the Wrap Party and the Premiere Screening Party.
  10. You will get One Week minimum On-Set as an Assoicate Producer observing the Shoot.
  11. You will get to sit in on part of the edit of the film with Colm O’Murchu.
  12. You will get to sit in with Colm O’Murchu and John Hresc in the Mixing and Sound Design of the film.
  13. You will get updated on the Marketing and Sales Process of the finished film.
  14. When the film is completed, you will then go to a specially created Producers Film Course where you will be taught by Colm O’Murchu for one week. This will cover the whole process of making a film and will fill in any gaps.
  15. Finally, when the film sells, you will be in on a share of returns till your investment is recouped.
  16. You will then receive a share of profits. If the film is highly successful, this will be considerable.
  17. The Film Production is guaranteed via the government offset of a 20 – 40 % return on the total budget. This means that before sales of the film, you will have a guaranteed recoupment on investment of 20 – 40% before sales. (Details at Meeting)
This is a Perfect unique one off opportunity for the person who would like the fast track into the film business.

You will: 

  • Be a Film Producer
  • Have learnt on the job how to be a Film Producer
  • Have been though the whole process of film making from inception to casting to shooting to post production to selling the film.
  • Will be way ahead of other people who have spent years in full time film institutions.
  • As we train emerging film makers via International Film Base, you will learn from the best. We have years of experience teaching film makers.
  • Will have found the smartest way into the film business.

How do you get involved?

Please call and make an appointment with Colm O’Murchu on 1 800 131166 to discuss this opportunity



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