Best Filmmaking Software I use – Free and Paid for Making Your Films

Best Filmmaking Software I use – Free and Paid for Making Your Films

Today, I would like to highlight the software and sites that I use for making my films.  We also use them on our 5 Month Filmmaking Courses.  Some are free and some cost , therefore I will clearly indicate which is which. Please use the ones that are relevant to you 

Software 1  WriterDuet – Formats your Screenplay   FREE

This software/website properly formats your screenplay and helps you produce professional scripts that you can send to actors crew and financiers.  Your first three screenplays are free. This is  great software if you make one or two short films per year or you are making a Feature Film Screenplay. If you go past three screenplays, there is a monthly subscription charge. Of course many people sign up with a different email and get another three free. We use this software on our 5 Month Filmmaking Course.

 Great for the Short filmmaker or Indie Feature Film Makers  Go Here for the software

 Software 2   Adobe Premiere Pro and Creative Cloud.  – Monthly Subscription – I have no business arangment with themThis is the editing software that we support on our Filmmaking Courses and the one I personally use on my feature films

It does cost but it is an extremely good editing software and we teach you how to use it on our 5 Month Filmmaking Courses. You have everything for your Post production
Also you always get the educational rates if you are enrolled in one of our courses. This will decrease the monthly subscription fee by 75%  Go Here for Details 

Software 3  DaVinci Resolve Editing and Colouring software – FREE
I used the Colouring part of DaVinci software to grade my movies.  It is amazing for colouring films and I highly recommend it for that job. The Adobe Colouring is a lot easier to use but DaVinci Colouring is a step above and many big movie productions use it. Their editing software is not as good as Adobe, in my opinion. However it is free and if you are on a tight budget, free is great and you could use this software to edit your films.  For Details Go Here

Website 4   Host Papa – Where I host my websites including this one:   Annual Payment. 

If you would like to create a website like the one that you are on now, Host Papa is the host that I use. I create and maintain all of my own websites and I have found Host Papa to be an exceptional host.
I moved from Blue Host and had a much better experience with Host Papa. Their  phone service and support is exceptional. If you do sign up for Host Papa, let me know and I will send you a link to the best website creation tutorials for creating a website,  for free.  For Details Go here

Website  5 –  Fivver _ Pay by the job.   

If you do not want to design your own wbesites or you need any posters or any creative work done, or marketing,  the place I always use is Fivver.  I find it to be one of the best value sites to get small jobs done, with trained people.  Have a look on their site and see the variety of jobs that can get done at  a really good price. I have used them for 10 years now.  Highly recommended. 
For Details Go Here 

Website 6  Film Freeway Film Festivals:   Entry Fees for Film Festivals but site is free to sign up to and browse. 

This is the best site for entering Film Festivals. As you can see on our recent Feature Film Tabernacle 101, we have being officially selected for 12 film Fetivals and we have won three Best Film awards. We still have a long way to go with the film with many more festivals yet to decide.  This site is where I entered all of our film festivals. Highly recommended. Go here

Websites 7  Masterclass  – Annual Fee

If you want to learn off Master Film Directors such as Martin Scorcesse and Ron Howawrd , then go to Masterclass and sign up.  This site is well worth a look and it has many more names that teach filmmaking, screenwriting and acting.  Great Value  Go Here

I highly recommend the above filmmaker tools and i use them or have personally used them and loved them.   

Colm OMurchu  – Director 

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