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Studios hit the big time.

It is reporting season and the Main Studios and Netflix are showing a very healthy financial picture as reported last week.  Disney:  The biggest Studio winner. Led by Avengers: Endgame, Disney reached an unprecedented

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Film Distribution 2019 Style

Release of the Film Tabernacle 101– By our Distributor in the USA Indie Film Rights. What does it mean? On the 30thAugust our film Tabernacle 101 will be released in the

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Creating a Trailer for your Film

The Trailer must make People want to see your Film Trailers are exceptionally important. We all know this. A great trailer makes people want to see the film. The challenge for the low

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Top 10 Tips for Directing Actors

Many new Directors have no experience with working with actors.  Directing Actors in Film is a subtle art.  You will get the hang of it, once you start to make your own films and

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