Can you make a great film this year if you are starting out?

Can you make a great film this year if you are starting out?

Can you Make a Great Film this Year? Yes you can. Find out How.

Can you Make a Great Film this Year?    Of course you should and this post will explain why.

One never knows how a film will turn out? Sometimes an experienced filmmaker will make a film that they believe will be the greatest.  They have lofty goals of making a Classic film whether cult or mainstream. They dream about the film being a smash hit and a critical success.Then the film is released and it is a flop. The Critics do not like it.

The IMDB scores are rotten as is Rotten Tomatoes. Every Filmmakers hates this scenario and it can be very humiliating. There is an old cliche that is farmed out when a relationship goes bad. It is better  to have loved than not to have loved at all . And so it is with filmmaking It is better to have a made a film and flopped than not have made the film in the first place.

No one can tell what will work. 

Sometimes a filmmaker makes a film that they do not think will do well. Maybe they have recruited as  a gun for hire and they are making the film for money.  A great example is Francis Ford Coppola and the first Godfather Movie. He did not want to do the job but needed the money for his studios.  He ended up making a cinema classic and was very grateful that circumstance forced his hand. 

The old filmmaking phrase “No One knows anything”,  could not be more apt. No one knows what will be successful. You just have to Make your film and let the audience and the critics decide.

And this is the same for First Time Filmmakers.  Many people will not make their first film now because they are afraid of making a crap film.This is called filmmaking paralysis.  Most First Time Filmmakers do not make a great film. Often it is average and full of mistakes.

Take Quentin Tarantino , a master filmmaker with so many great films to his name.His first film was called “ My Best Friends Wedding” It took him a couple of years to make and it was awful. He tried to burry it, as he was so ashamed of the film.But he did say. “It was the best filmmaking School there is”  

If he had not made the film, he would never have made Reservoir Dogs. It was a necessary first step in his film career that led to great success. So Should you make a Film now if you a beginner. Yes Yes and Yes.

But make a short film. Learn to make good films first by making a short film and as soon as you make a great short film, move to feature films. Making a Short Film now will be the best filmmaking School there is. And you never know you may make a really good film the first time out. 

But you will need mentorship and coaching. This is an essential component and will dramatically increase the chance  of making a good film and doing it right the first time. Make sure you enrol on the  Filmmakers Mentorship program. where you learn to make film now and get “One on One Coaching”. 

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