Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How will I benefit from attending the 5 Month Filmmaking Course?

The best benefit will be if you shoot a 5 – 10 minute short Film concurrently with the Course as it happens. You can also get your Feature Film ready and set to go once the Course is delivered and you can do both of the above. 

After you graduate with the Film Directors Certificate, you will have the blueprint and knowledge to produce and make your own films. You will have learnt how to make your film professional.

You will have gained valuable new skills in film editing on Adobe Premiere Pro. You will have learned how to colour your own film and source music.

You will have learnt how to cast your film. You will have learnt how to organise a shoot. You will have learnt how to shoot for 4 Days on location getting all the necessary shots and performance from real actors.

These are some of the benefits of the Film Course. 

Do I need Film Equipment?

Yes you do. In order to make films you need some gear. In todays filmmaking world you can get away with very little and  use your Mobile phone Camera.  You will need to download some apps and buy a tripod and  Stabilisers . But they are very cheap and on the course we will direct you to the best place to get the gear. No need to get film equipment now. 

You will need some basic lighting. The biggest expense will be a Sound Recorder and Lapelle microphones. These are essential or your movie will never sound professional. The Sound Gear will not cost that much. You will   get all of the film equipment for about  $1k. The Film equipment can fit in one bag. Yes, this will enable you to shoot professional films. You will have the equipment for short films or documentaries or micro budget feature films. That is the exceptionally exciting aspect of today’s film world. 

You can go for more expensive Gear and This includes the amazing Black Magic Designs Ursa Camera, professional sound and light equipment and grips equipment. If you go this more expensive path, it may be worth considering renting equipment rather than buying. 

Do not buy equipment till you have attended the Film Equipment Session Four of the Course.  Dates and Content Here 

You will clearly know what to buy at that point. . Many people rent film equipment rather than buying film equipment.

But be aware that you can get away with only spending around $1K and still make a great film as you will see on the course when you enrol. 

How long have you been in business?

22 Years. The First Film Course was presented by Colm O’Murchu in May 1997 and has remained continuous since then. We are a quality. We train people in how to make films the right way. 

Hundreds of short films have been produced on our Film Courses.  So many people who have started their film careers with us, have gone on to work successfully in the film business

How many People do I need in a Crew

Anywhere from 3 – 10 people for a Micro Budget Film. Three being the least amount and 10 being the most for a Micro Budget. We will itemise the Crew on the 5 Month Filmmaking Course. Also you as we present the course in one geographical area, there will be many people you can make contact with and network with on the course. 

Do I need my own editing equipment for the Editing Sessions?

You will need Adobe Premiere Pro software and a laptop or Desktop computer with a minimum of 8GB of Ram . It is advisable to have an external drive with at least 1 TB of space. You do not need to worry about getting these items till the 4th Month of the filmmaking course. 

You can choose to just observe the edit sessions or actively partake and learn editing. The choice will be yours and you can make this choice after your shoot on the filmmaking course. 

We will also supply you with the Online Editing Tutorials which will teach you how to edit a film.  This will be in addition to the editing classes. You will be invited to edit a version of the short film shot on the course. This may take 20 – 30 hours of homework time to complete the whole film. Of course editing the film is voluntary and you do not need to edit the film to enrol on the 4 Month Filmmaking Course. The choice will be completely yours.

Do I get to make my own film?

On the 5 Month Film Course, everyone gets the opportunity to write a screenplay for their film, created on the film course out of an idea created on the course. 

Everyone will learn to  edit their own 10- minute film. Everyone gets the chance to source music for the film. Everyone gets the opportunity  to cast their own film. Everyone gets to colour their film

You get the opportunity to crew and cast your own film using the instruction on the film course. 

You  will get the opportunity to  make your  own passionate 10-minute film, 

When do I get the certificate? Will I get a Credit on the Course short Film

You must have good attendance at the 5 Month film course and be present on the last night of the film course. If this is the case, you will receive the Film Directors Certificate on the last night of the 5 Month Film Course.

This will be your film credit for IMDB. This is what builds film careers. To get a credit on IMDB you need your film to get officially selected to an official Film Festival anywhere in the world. We show you exactly how to do this. 

Who are the Teachers.

All our film teachers are active filmmakers. This means you are learning off active filmmakers who are out there making their own movies are working as DOP or Sound Designer on professional films. 

It is best to learn off Film Teachers who are actually filmmakers. 

Will the filmmaking course help me get work in the film industry?

Yes it is the very first important step. While you may not get work directly after the 5  Month Filmmaking Course, you will be on the way. 

For the determined, work will happen for that person provided they commit to the steps needed. We currently have people working with us who originally started at our Film Courses. 

Please read the following article on getting work in the film business. This gives you the process step by step of how you go about getting from where you are today to working in the film industry.

How should I proceed after the 5 Month Filmmaking Course Concludes?

You will be able to make your own films after the 5 Month Film Course. Continue with your Film Plan. We have a whole session where we show you the Business of Filmmaking.  This is where you set out the future and go for it,

Over the next five months, you will have experienced and learnt the process to make your own movie. This will be done by actually making a film as part of the homework of the five month course. That way you will have the most important thing Deadline and Support.. This is the best way to learn. 

Provided you commit and follow the steps learnt on the 5 Month Film Course, you will be making (producing & directing) your very own films during and after the film course.  

The way to become an advanced quality filmmaker is to produce and direct your own films, using the step by step process learnt and practically applied to the film you made on the  5 Month Film Course  A Filmmaker loves to make films.

 We have so many previous film course students both working in the film industry and making their own passion films and getting them seen by an audience all over the world. 

How do the payment plans work ?

Please note that payment plans are available. The payments plan generally work on 4 Monthly Payments. 

The first payment is always paid directly to International Film Base. The subsequent payments are paid to our administrative partner company Debit Success. 

They are the worlds number one debit company and will create an easy automatic debit system for your payments. 

All matters relating to payments will be via Debit Success after the first payment. 

Once you have started a payment plan, you are liable for all payments and must make the payments, even if you do not complete the course. This will be in the schedule that you signed to. 

What is the refund policy?

Please note that the refund policy. 
The Deposit of $695 is non-refundable. 

If you do not proceed with the 5 Month Filmmaking Course, you will not receive your deposit back.  We will of course accommodate a future transfer to a future course and credit your deposit. 

Once the course has started and you have paid the balance, there are no refunds.

If you are on a payment plan, you are liable to pay out the payment plans. 

Does Australian Film Base produce Movies?

Yes we do. We are an active Production company with our Movie production wing International Film Base.  We are currently releasing our new movie Tabernacle 101, our one hour 39 minutes movie, due for worldwide. Cinema Release in late 2019 followed by VOD on multiple platforms worldwide, DVD and Blue Ray release in the USA.  Please see information here on our new movie. 

Should I go for the Cheapest Course or the Quality Film Course?

https://colmomurchu.comAlways go for quality

When you go for the best filmmaking course, you will attract the very training and opportunity. We are filmmakers actively making movies. We work with the best current day technology and we show you how to make films the professional way.

Please see our Posts and Blogs here ref filmmaking 

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