Colm O’Murchu is open to helping Film Producers/Directors and Filmmakers achieve their dreams with their films. 

The following areas are where we can help.

1 Directing a full developed and financed Screenplay and making it into a Movie.
Dealing with Destiny is an example of a 90 minute movie that Colm was hired as the director. Colm is able to bring plenty to the table including his contacts as a Producer Director.  To Move on this process, the first step is a 20 minute meeting via phone or zoom.
Please contact on +61488086104


Distribution and Film Festivals Consultancy

If you have a completed a feature or short film, Colm O’Murchu can help you get your film seen and into film festivals.

He also knows how to get your film to the right people and get it on Prime Video Apple TV and numerous other platforms in the USA and around the world.

If the film is good he can help with getting a small release theatrically in the United States.  It all starts with a 20 minute consultancy.   Have a look at Tabernacle 101 which Colm produced and directed.
Please contact on +6148808610

3.    Book a Filmmaking Consultancy with Colm O’Murchu

A one-on-one Consultancy can clarify many issues for our clients. You can book a free 20 minute consultancy on this link now. He can help and clarify the following

  • Create film production strategies with action plans to make your movie happen.
  • With weekly or fortnightly or one off coaching while producing your film, this will help you make your film and solve production challenges as they happenDistribution Strategies
  • How to get your film distributed – How to maximise returns and audience.Any filmmaking challenge.

Feature Films recently produced and directed by Colm O’Murchu Explore Here


Book Colm O’Murchu to Speak at your Event

Colm O’Murchu has taught Film Making and Directing around the world for 15 years. He also has a two day Indie Film Makers Master-Class.Colm can taylor a seminar to suit your needs. Feedback is exceptional on any events that Colm O’Murchu speaks or teaches at.

To inquire and make a booking for Colm O’Murchu.You can also request a quote. 

Please call +61488086104 overseas or
email  on


 “Make Your Feature Film Now” Weekend Seminar. 

Colm O’Murchu will travel to any city to present this amazing seminar.
This weekend will motivate the filmmaker to make their film now. Having made four feature films, Colm has worked out exactly what the filmmaker needs to do to make a successful feature film.

The weekend will focus on strategies to get the very best of the following now.

  • Financing the film even when it seems impossible.
  • The two project strategy
  • Casting and Locations
  • The Film Equipment
  • Art Department and Costumes and Makeup
  • Preparation
  • Shooting
  • Postproduction
  • Selling the film worldwide
  • Getting the biggest audience

Any questions please email  Please include a phone contact. Or phone +61488086104

Colm O'Murchu

Colm O’Murchu is a successful Indie Filmmaker and Director of three world wide successfully released feature films and one documentary. He created and runs Australian Film Base since 2004 and helped filmmakers produce hundreds of short films, made on the 4 Month filmmaking courses. He also owns and runs the worldwide Blog /Podcast Indie Filmmaking Passion that helps other filmmakers make and create their own films and get them seen by a worldwide audience. He has spoken at Indie Film Seminars all over the world and created online film courses availalble here His most recent film Tabernacle 101 has been released worldwide in 2019 and will be released in Australia in late 2020 premiering at the Sci Fi Film Festival. He is currently in development on his next feature film Absolute Freedom, an action adventure film set in the outback. He lives in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia and loves the outdoors and the mountains.

Tabernacle 101 - Trailer for our New Feature Film

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