Filmmaking 101 –  Must Do 1 – Create Your Team

Filmmaking 101 – Must Do 1 – Create Your Team

Isolation is the enemy of every filmmaker. Filmmaking is a team driven activity.

To make a movie, the filmmaker must have a team that takes care of specific areas. Filmmakers must be around a team of likeminded people that help him or her achieve their goal. A great movie.

Right now I am deep into postproduction on my new movie, “Tabernacle 101”  The film is one hour 45 minutes long, slated for worldwide release later this year.

The Postproduction Team:

Editor –  Me – Colm O’Murchu
Sound Designer/Mixer  —–   John Hresc
VFX Artist  —   Stuart White
Colour Grader —- Tim Carr
Music Supervisor  –   Colm O’Murchu

I took on two roles. Yet, I did not do everything.  I want the best for the areas that I was not strong in. Therefore, I recruited experts in their field and as a result the movie will be successful and stronger.

I do believe that every filmmaker should learn to edit their own films. This is a big saving in headaches and money. For example it took me 1400 hours to edit Tabernacle 101. This was because the film is very big and complex and we shot 130 hours. On a low budget, imagine recruiting an editor. The cost would be immense.   Learn to edit your film on the 3 Month Film Course

Editing myself meant that it only cost me time.  Since I enjoy editing, this was time well spent. I worked conscientiously on the film and out of the 130 hours of footage shot, I created the locked off film cut – one hour 45 minutes. It was well worth placing my time and energy in this area.

I love editing, I love the process of creating my story from all the footage, that we shot on set. Yet the areas of Sound Design ( so important), colour grading and VFX, I wanted great people to support. These areas take a lot less time and money. This was where I placed my budget.

Do the same, Work out the areas that you are weak in and recruit your dream team.

The question remains. ‘How do I find my team?”
The Three Month Film Courses in Melbourne and Sydney are a great way to start or boost your film career and find your team.

This would be by far the best way to make this happen.

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