Financing Feature Films

Financing Feature Films

Steadicam 6It has been a big decision to make. The decision is this. Do I share all our confidental information about the financing of our film, ‘Absolute Freedom’? Do I publish to the world exactly how we are going about making our next film? Many film industry people have advised me not to share. I am going against their advise and sharing.

Why is this?
I believe that the internet has so dramatically changed the world and sharing what you know is part of that process. Yes, I hope you become fans of the blog. Yes, I hope you tell others about this blog who then gain education from my experiences. Yes, I hope that you are all primed for the release of ‘Absolute Freedom’ in late 2014.

I have to say I am very excited about our next feature film, ‘Absolute Freedom’, which at the moment, is well on the way to being completely financed. With about 60% of the $710,000 budget reached, the ease at which this film is attracting financiers is breathtaking. We have had two investors commit $100,000 each and there are multiple $15,000 investments. Also, IFB has invested facilities and time to the value of $120,000.

I believe that the main reasons for this is the quality of the story.
Also, we have our deadline. The fact is this: no matter what, International Film Base will be shooting in the first half of 2014. The Shoot is currently scheduled for March and April 2014. I have that certainty everytime I pitch a high net investor about the film. We are on the move towards that date.

Another reason is our great Business Plan.

You may notice I am setting up links to our Business Plan and that is to show you an example of what you can set up for your business plan for your future films. Also, maybe some of you will get excited and decide to partner me in the great adventure of making my next film.

Today in this post, I would like to outline the different ways of attracting finance.

  1. Government Direct Finance
  2. Market Attachments – Film Distributor Attachment.
  3. Soft Money borrowed against the Producer Offset.

What we are using in our financial plan is the following and none of the above:

  1. Producer Offset
  2. Private Investments
  3. Associate Producer Partnership
  4. Donations
  5. Finder’s Fee with Finders finding finance
  6. Attracting an international name Actor that audiences will recognise
  7. International Sales Agent

Each finance area requires a post in itself. Lets break down the six areas that I am using.

Cars OutbackAustralian Producer’s Offset: (Only in Australia).  I am going to write a post on this area very soon. In a nutshell, the offset produces a 20 – 40% guaranteed return of your approved production budget called the QAPE  (Qualifying Australian  Production Expenditure. That means that your investors are guaranteed that before any sales of your film. This means that your bottom line is here. Sales of the film will then recoup the rest of the budget and move you towards blue sky profit. This is different to the Soft Money option outlined above.

Private Investments: Investors invest as limited partners in your film production. They have no creative control or input outside of financing your film. They want you to look after their investment. The more you do, the better for your next film.

Associate Producer Partnership: We already have several people who have invested as Associate Producers.  For details, go to our Amazing Opportunity Page and you can see all the benefits for the Producer. This is great for investors who also want to be Film Producers and get their first producing credit. These opportunities only come once in a blue moon so the smart emerging film maker will grab this one.

Donation: This is usually for the small amounts of investment. We have a donation page on This is for people who would like to donate $5 to $2 000. Everything helps. We have as of yet not bothered too much with this area. But it’s there for people who want to donate.

Finder’s Fee: I need to write a post on this. The Finder’s Fee is very exciting and some of you may want to play Finance Finder for us.
A Finder’s Fee is 15% Commission on any money raised. This is great for money motivated people who want to make some extra money. Generally these people know wealthy people and they persuade them to invest in your film. This one is really working for us. More detail on this one in the future.

Attracting International Named Actors (INA) into your film: This is a major asset for your film and I believe every serious indie film maker who is making their feature film should look at attracting a named actor. Yes, we are looking at this for our film. With an international name actor, you will attract international sales for your film. This is so important. I will write a post on this later.

International Sales Agent (another post later…. Phew): Having a reputable sales agent attached in advance is of great advantage and will help attract a named actor.

Finance is energy and belief in your film. Make sure you have made three successful short films of your own, learn off the experience of feature films like mine and go for your own feature film as soon as possible. Indie Feature Films make your career.

Indie Film Making Passion from Colm O’Murchu – Director International Film Base

Colm O’Murchu is an indie film maker who loves making films. You can find out more on this page: Please spread the word for this indie filmmaking blog.

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