How to Direct: Robert Rodriguez with George Miller

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This is a great episode from the Directors Chair. Robert Rodriguez interviews top Film Directors and in this episode, he interviews the Famous Australian Director George Miller.

His Films include the following.

  • Mad Max ( Road Warrior )
  • Mad Max 2 (Road Warrior 2 
  • The Twilight Zone 
  • Mad Max 3 Beyond the Thunderome 
  • Witches of Eastwick
  • Lorenzos Oil 
  • Babe 
  • Happy Feet 
  • Mad Max 3 Fury Road

This is all about the art of Film Directing and you will learn so much about the art of Directing and Filmmaking.  You will learn how George Miller got his start and how he became an A- list Film Director. 

You will learn all about the inspirations and collaborations that went into making these films and how it was to work with the greats such as Jack Nicholson.

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Colm O'Murchu - Host

Colm O’Murchu is a passionate Indie Filmmaker and owner of the production company, International Film Base. He has directed and produced three successfully released feature films worldwide and one documentary.  

His most recent film Tabernacle 101 has been released in 2019 in the US and will be released in Australia in late 2020 premiering at the Sci Fi Film Festival. He is currently in development on his next feature film Absolute Freedom, an action adventure film set in the outback.

He has spoken at Indie Film Seminars all over the world and created online and offline film courses 

 He lives in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia and loves the outdoors and the mountains.

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