How to get your 10 minute short film made in five months?

How to get your 10 minute short film made in five months?

Yes you can make a ten minute short movie in five months. It is a realistic time-frame and makes the goal realistic and specific.  The most important part of the process is to Set Deadlines” for each stage of the production. 

I have broken down the action steps over Five Months, needed to achieve the goal as follows.

Month One 

  • Perfect and finish your Script.
  • Advertise your Casting. Place an Add on the correct Acting Sites 

Month Two 

  • Have very productive Casting Sessions
  • Choose your Actors. 
  • The Producer/Production Manager should Start Preproduction.
  • This is the process of finalising your locations, your crew, your equipment and your cast. 

Month Three

  • Final Preparations for the Shoot Catering and Unit.
  • Director prepares his or her Shot List, Actor Blocking Plan Production Design Plan. 
  • He or She rehearses the Actors and finalise costumes,
  • Goes to the film sets on location and finalises the plan.  
  • The Shoot takes place at  the end of the month over 4 Days. 
  • Usually a Saturday Sunday if you have a day job. 

Month 4 

  • Shoot concludes at the beginning of the month. 2nd Shooting Weekend.
  •  Postproduction Starts.
  • Editing goes on in earnest. 
  • You edit the film and colour it and add titles

Month Five 

  • You conclude Editing  
  • Move to the next phase Sound Post.
  • You get the dialogue tracks cleaned up and ADR (Actor Dialogue replacement)
  • You find great Music and add Sound Effects and mix all of the tracks together.
  • You Export a version of the film. 
  • You do a few test screenings.
  • Then tweak the edit on the basis of trend feedback. 
  • Then you Export the Final Version.
  • After Final Export, you enter film festivals  
  • You need to know the tricks of doing so and how to save money.
  • You also need to know the seven Best Platforms to get your film on. 


Phew It sounds like a lot.   And yes it is a challenge. However, it does not have to be hard and complicated when you have great mentorship and help and coaching. 
Have a look at the Five Month Filmmaking Course where you learn all of the above and get your film made in Five Months. 

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