Making Your Film Happen Now

Making Your Film Happen Now

Making Your Film Happen Now

Today’s post is about making your Film Happen anytime you want. What is the mental state you need to see a film from story creation to the shoot and on through post production . Finally, finding your audience is a key component for any successful filmmaker today.

As I have run filmmaking courses for 20 years now, I have totally worked out who will make films once the film course completes.  On our 4 Month Filmmaking Courses, we always make a 10 minute film. We always say that our we teach filmmaking by actually making a film on our film course. You can see examples on this page.  The 4 Month Filmmaking Course helps virtual beginners or emerging filmmakers make a film now.  But how do you make your film happen now? 

Here are the key components that help get your Film Made.

  1. Deadlines.   This is the number one key in any film production. The most recent Film course started on June 28th 2020. We only have one session per week, densely packed with teaching and application.
     On July 2nd the story for the film was created by the group. A deadline was set for the treatment. Ten days later the treatments were delivered and one was chosen. The Script deadline for delivery of the script was July 30th. This happened.

    Casting took place on the 4th of  August and the actors were chosen by the 10th of August.
    Preproduction started on August 11th and actor rehearsals and costumes happened on 18th August.
    Final Preproduction is happening this week Tuesday 25th August –  Friday 28th August.  
    This week, on Saturday 29th August Day One of the Shoot will occur, followed by two more shooting days on Saturday 5th & 6th of September.  The shoot is always the best fun . 
    Pos Production
    will now occur in September and the first half of October with the World Premiere in mid October.
    This happens three times per year in Sydney and Melbourne like clockwork.  Why?

    The Point is that the above schedule was designed back in April 2020, Nothing has changed since then and each every Deadline has ruthlessly been adhered to.
    The biggest mistake I see made by emerging or beginner filmmakers is the desire to procrastinate and change deadlines. The emerging filmmaker often uses any excuse to change the dates or the schedule. Do not do this.

    Set up a schedule and stick to your deadlines.
    This increases the success rate of seeing your film made dramatically. It will happen

  2. Mentorship or Guidance. 
    Having an experienced hand helping you get your film made is a great help.
    This is easier said than done. On our 4 Month Filmmaking Courses we are the experienced hand helping the  inexperienced getting their films made.

    I  do want to create the Online 4 Month Filmmaking Course where anyone from around the world can do the course via Zoom.
    I realise that this is a great challenge for people who do not know anyone. The Online 4 Month Film Course will take care of this problem and challenge and you will have to make your own film as part of the course. We will guide you and you will take the steps week by week to get your film made.
    It will not be  the same as being in the group but you will get your film made in your city with our guidance and our systems for getting a film made. You will get edit tuition and the Online Editing Course that you can take now. It will solve the big problem of finding a mentor or experienced filmmaker to guide you. 

    The 4 Month Online Film Course is coming soon and please let me know if you are interested via emailing on     Having audience and mentorship is essential 

  3. A Film is a mixture of the following. 
    Screenplay – Actors – Crew – Locations – Film Equipment –  – Postproduction and Audience.   
    Making the above happen is the process of making a film.  This is basic film producing in  a nutshell. Once you learn how to make the above happen, you will always have the ability to make a film happen.

    Tabernacle 101 our new supernatural film was shot over a year on several weekends. It eventually cost $50K and is now seen all over the world by thousands of peoples every day, day in day out. It has being officially selected in 11 film festivals and won three best film awards. 
    Yet at the start there was no money or budget. We just adhered to deadlines and making each shoot happen. The Film got made.

It is never about the money.
It is about the deadline and making  a shoot happen. Once you learn this you will always make your films happen when you want to make them. 

Colm O’Murchu is a successful Indie Filmmaker and Director of three successfully released feature films and one documentary.

He has run Australian Film Base since 1997 and helped filmmakers produce hundreds of short films made on his filmmaking courses.
He has spoken at Indie Film Seminars all over the world. His most recent film Tabernacle 101 has been released worldwide in 2019 and will be released in Australia in late 2020. He is currently in development on his next feature film Absolute Freedom See more here

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