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Two Online Film Courses that You Can Start Right Now

Course One - Learn to Edit in a Week  

  •  Learn to Edit Now with Adobe Premiere Pro

    Learn to edit your film by actually editing a real scene that we supply as part of the course.

    1. Learn to Edit & Colour on Adobe Premiere Pro
    2. Course taken online in comfort of your own home or studio, at your own pace
    3. Start Today – As soon as enrolment is confirmed/
    4. Scene Audio and Video Files supplied for you to Edit 
    5. Reliability: We have taught filmmaking courses for 22 years in 
    6. The Very Best Course you could take in Editing on Adobe Premiere Pro 
    7. Solves your Problem of knowing how to edit. 
    8. You will in less than Ten Days be able to do all of your own editing
    9. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Course Two - Produce Your Film Now

  • The Online Film Production Course 

    Learn how to Produce and Direct your own Film now. Whether you are making your first short film or about to make your latest 100 minute feature move, this course will teach you how to produce your film.

    The Producers Online Film Course will make it a smooth and effective run from scripting to casting to crewing to shooting and to posting your film.

    The Producers Online, Film  Course will also help you sell your film and get it seen by the biggest possible audience.



Our Courses are to the point, result driven and effective. You have a 30 Day guarantee which will take the risk out of enrolling 

Tabernacle 101 - OUR NEW Supernatural Thriller - 98 minute Feature Film

The Makeover - 98 minute Feature Film - Comedy

Dealing with Destiny - 90 minute Feature - Comedy

My name is Colm O’Murchu, Director of International Film Base and creator and host  of Indie Filmmaking Passion Blog and Podcast

The Online Courses will help you produce and directi your movie, 

I have produced directed and edited all my own movies for less than $100k. You can see trailers on this page. 

The courses will help you make your own films now. 

Colm O'Murchu
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