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An On Line Film Producers Course

Gives you the step by step process to produce your own film now. The On Line Film Course will teach you the nuts and bolts process so that you can make your own short or feature film, TV pilot or documentary now.

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Download immediately all of the following: 18 MP3 Track Recorded Film Course from Award Winning Film Maker Colm O'Murchu A 200 page Production Bible that charts out the Production process step by step to make your film happen

The Production Bible

A 200 page Production Bible that charts out the Production process step by step to make your film happen


Our Courses are to the point, result driven and effective. 

Video Tutorials

in Script Formatting & Shot Listing

How to use free Scriptwriting software

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Great for either Beginners or more advanced Film Makers

My name is Colm O’Murchu and I am the owner of  Australian Film Base.  We created Film Base in 1997 and since then we have been involved with hundreds of films either via our film courses or professionally for the cinema and TV. 

Colm O'Murchu

The Film Makers Lifestyle

Getting paid to do what you love


Working on projects that you love heart and soul

Variety of Work

When you make films, you work on scripts Shoot on location , detail in postproduction , visit Film festivals and Markets internationally


A Film Maker travels all over the world

Great People

Meet fascination talented people all over the world


Create films that get seen all over the world into the future.

See Trailer for our New Film Tabernacle 101 that will be released in October 2019


You need to start to make films now. There is a formula to making it big in films and it goes like this.

  • Make a really cool 7 – 15 minute award winning short film. You need this course to make this happen.
  • After which you can produce a low budget feature films that you make on the weekends. This course will help you make this film.
  • Put your heart and soul into it
  • Once your first feature film is complete, enter film festivals all over the world. Covered in the course. How to enter festivals
  • And sell, sell, sell at the film markets, namely the AFM in Los Angeles and the Cannes Marche in France.
  • Learn all about the markets and how to work them and succeed with your film,  on this course 



 The Online Film Course will be all the nuts and bolts on how to make your film happen now.

In the last few years, I have completed two feature films called THE MAKEOVER and DEALING WITH DESTINY. I am currently have just completed  my third feature film “Tabernacle 101., one hour 40 minutes and will be sold internationally  In 2019.

I will sell the film via the film markets and get the largest possible audience and ROI (Return on Investment)”

As for previous films, “The Makeover” won Best Film at the New York City Film Festival and screened at Cannes in 2010. I wrote, directed and produced THE MAKEOVER over an 18 month period. “The Makeover” is a one hour thirty five minutes feature film and Yes… that’s right, a full on feature film on a next to nothing budget. $35K to shoot the film and $35K to Post produce.

If you are aware of Film Budgets, you will know that the film was made for nothing. I have already doubled my money in sales in Australia and Europe.

I still have the rest of the world to sell and that’s more money from all around the world. On You Tube we are now at 2.5 million views which of course we get monthly payments for the partner advertisement revenue.

In the Online Film Course, you will learn all about the Film Markets, Sales Agents and Distributors. You will also learn about VOD and how the film market like music is now opening online directly to the film maker.

Most importantly, you will learn the nuts and bolts of making your film now, wether it is a short film or a feature film.

We made The Makeover and Tabernacle 101  using the principals that I teach in this ONLINE Film Production Course. 

  • We made the film on very little money. One could call it a Zero Budget Film 35K to shoot and $35K to post produce.
  • We shot the film on weekends
  • We used TV actors who cleared time to work on our film on weekends
  • Every cast and crew member was a shareholder in the film.
  • We shot the movie like it was 8 short films over a 10 month perio

Learn How to Produce your Films Now

You can keep your day job while still making your films on weekends.

Learn about Film Markets and Film Festivals

You need to learn how to sell your film and maximise your ROI. You also need to know how to enter and succeed in Film Festivals.

Rocket your Career

Become a Filmmaker now working in a job you love.                                     



:I use the Online Film Course when ever I am making a film. I am actress and it was important for me to learn about producing my own films. Absolutely Brilliant" Vanessa Alexandria


"Incredible Course. Covers all the nuts and bolts of making your film and selling it. The production bible is the framework for making my film. The Mp3 Tracks, I listen to the car everytime i am making a film. It keeps me on track" Mark Tough


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

                Take the fear factor from buying

If in the very unlikely event , you do not like the course, you will receive a  full refund, any time between 14 days to 30 days after purchase. All you have to do is complete the course.

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