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Film Distribution 2019 Style

Release of the Film Tabernacle 101– By our Distributor in the USA Indie Film Rights. What does it mean? On the 30thAugust our film Tabernacle 101 will be released in the USA.  It will have a limited Cinema Release and then will proceed to multiple platforms over

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Tabernacle 101 – Releases 30th August

Hi it is Colm O”Murchu from Indie Film Passion and Producer Director of the supernatural film Tabernacle 101  “Making a short film is a sprint. Making a feature film is a marathon.”   So goes the saying that is bandied around the Indie Film World. Right now, we

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Creating a Trailer for your Film

The Trailer must make People want to see your Film Trailers are exceptionally important. We all know this. A great trailer makes people want to see the film. The challenge for the low budget indie Filmmaker is this.   Budget! The above trailer is for our new film ‘Tabernacle

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Top 10 Tips for Directing Actors

Many new Directors have no experience with working with actors.  Directing Actors in Film is a subtle art.  You will get the hang of it, once you start to make your own films and practice. In the meantime, please have a look at the following tips. Screen Acting is totally

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  • Online Film Producers Course 

    Learn how to Produce and Direct your own Micro Budget Movie. Whether you are making your first short film or about to make your latest 10o minute move,

    The Producers Online Film Course will make it a smooth and effective run from scripting to casting to crewing to shooting and to posting your film.

    The Producers Online, Film  Course will also help you sell your film and get it seen by the biggest possible audience.

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Tabernacle 101 - OUR NEW Supernatural Thriller - 98 minute Feature Film

The Makeover - 98 minute Feature Film - Comedy

Dealing with Destiny - 90 minute Feature - Comedy

My name is Colm O’Murchu, Director of International Film Base and creator and host  of Indie Filmmaking Passion Blog and Podcast

This site will help you produce and directi your movie, 

Our goal is to demystify the filmmaking process and show you how to make your film on a micro budget, get it sold and seen by a worldwide audience. 

Colm O'Murchu
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