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Tabernacle 101 the movie fact sheet. 

  • 7 Week Shoot
  • Currently in advanced Post Production at Fine Cut Stage
  • Completed Movie – June 2018

Tabernacle 101 is a one hour 45 minute  supernatural-thriller shot in the Blue Mountains,,Australia.  With a compelling story, amazing actors and experienced crew, an outstanding director, this film is going to be a huge success with a massive audience on it’s worldwide release in 2018.


Atheist Frank Bonetti wants to prove that there is no afterlife. He and his girlfriend Sarah devise a death experiment whereby a human can die for one hour and be revived.

On Halloween night, Frank lethally injects himself and dies for one hour. When revived he can not remember anything. Over the following days, Frank finds that he is being stalked by satanic demonic entities hell bent on destroying his life.

Turning to the only person that can help him, Meredith Palin, Australia’s number one medium and TV Spiritualist personality. She informs him that he his soul is slowly being taken by satanic entities and his only chance to survive is to learn from her. As he is attacked and taken by the satanic entities, Frank and Meredith have no choice but to fight as hard as they can for his soul and the future of humanity.

Intense, provocative and spooky, Tabernacle 101 – the movie will bring you on a rollercoaster ride.

Photographs Tabernacle 101



Currently in postproduction at Fine Cut.
Expected Completion January 2018

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