Play the Long Game

Play the Long Game

Writing Screenplays can be a very enjoyable process, where you are the inventor of the Story. Over time you will find the best way for you, to write a screenplay One thing for sure is that the more screenplays you write, the better you will come.

So many great writers said that they had to write several full length screenplays before they write a really good screenplay. Oliver Stone for example wrote seven screenplays before he wrote his Oscar winning screenplay Platoon. Sylvester Stallone wrote five screenplays before he wrote Rocky. Lucky 5 became his ticket to Hollywood stardom.

Stanley Krubrick’s first two features films were abject failures that very few people saw, In fact it took two short films and three feature films to get to his first success “ Paths of Glory” This film catapulted him to A List Film Director

Play the long game. Enjoy making and writing your films now and eventually you will succeed. 

Some people like Tarantino succeeded very fast. He had written three screenplays before lucky 3rd Screenplay Reservoir Dogs made it big and a Hollywood Film Director was born. 

Like everything in the film business, success can take time but when it happens it can seem like  overnight everything changes. Over the space of weeks the film, you have made becomes hugely successful. 

So what can one take from the success of the top Filmmakers.

  • Keep writing screenplays 
  • It is a number game and it may take 3 – 7 films to attract huge success, so make films regularly. 
  • Make films on an inexpensive budget and keep making them till you attract success and champions.
  • Enter Film Festivals and network top film events so you gain a Champion Film Power Player that champions you and finances your films.

Play the long game and you will succeed. It starts now. Write Screenplays and Make Short or micro budget films and move towards success.

Find out how to do this by going to this page here 

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