Podcast- 06 – Shooting your Short or Feature Film on your Mobile Phones

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Podcast 06: Shooting your short or feature film on your Mobile Phone

This podcast explores Mobile Phone Shoots for your short film or feature Film.  This is a viable option for the up and coming filmmaker. In fact, Oscar winning  film director Stephen Sordenberg shot his recent films using mobile phone cameras.

In the podcast, we will explore what you need to effectively shoot a mobile phone feature film. 

  • The App you need to download
  • Stabilisers you need 
  • Shoot protocols

Links to beneficial sites for your mobile phone shoots.

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Colm O'Murchu - Host

Colm has recently completed his most recent film Tabernacle 101, slated for release in late 2019 

Colm has been around the Indie Film World making movies via his Production Company International Film Base since 2004 


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