Release Day is finally here. Tabernacle 101 releases today Friday 30th August on Screens in the US and on Amazon Prime.

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Release Week is finally here for Tabernacle 101, our new supernatural movie 

This week I married in Los Angeles from Sydney. From the grey winter weather here in Sydney, to sunny blue skys with 32 C high and 25 C low. 

It will be a working fun trip with the release of our film Tabernacle 101 in the USA.
It is great to get your film seen on the big screen. There is nothing like it for a Film Director and my feeling is your film is always experienced at its best in the cinema.   We will be attending our screenings at  the Arena Cinema  on Sunset Boulevard Hollywood. 

After the release,  the film will then go out on multiple platforms in

​Americaand other countries. Tabernacle 101 was made on a low budget in the Blue Mountains and Sydney NSW and was completed late last year. 

Till May this year (2019), we
​sent the film out to the film market and checked out multiple offers from International Distributors and Sales Agents. This involved gong to the American Film Market and the Hong Kong Film Market. In the end, my co producer Yolandi and I settled on Indie Film Rights. This was due to great references from other filmmakers and a proposed cinema release, now happening.

August 30thwas settled on as our release date and now we are only days away from the start of millions of people seeing the film around the world over the next years.  Exciting times indeed. 

The film is now listed on LA times and Fandango (US big site) and is one of a five films released this week in the US.  We are being shared on multiple different sites. 

Facebook Site for our Film Tabernacle 101  Go Here

Website Tabernacle 101  Go Here  

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Colm O'Murchu - Host

Colm has recently completed his most recent film Tabernacle 101, slated for release in late 2019 

Colm has been around the Indie Film World making movies via his Production Company International Film Base since 2004 


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