Tabernacle 101, our 50K Feature Film, is the opening night film at the ScFi Film Festival

Tabernacle 101, our 50K Feature Film, is the opening night film at the ScFi Film Festival

Tabernacle 101 our new supernatural thriller has had a good week with official selection in  three different Film Festivals and one major win for Best Feature Film,

We are now officially selected and scheduled for opening night film on Friday 28th August 2020 at the ScFi Film Festival. This particular film started out as a challenge for me to see if I could get this film made with no actual budget. The budget and the film was cash-flowed over a couple of years to the tune of $50K which paid for the full production of the film including postproduction.  You can see the trailer here.

Our American Distributor, Indie Film Rights managed to score a cinema release in the United States and selection on multiple platforms including Amazon Prime, Tubi, Apple TV and Vudu in the USA.  You can see the trailer here.

The Film has punched far above its weight with an average score of 7 out of 10 on IMDB out 2400 contributors.  As Director Producer Writer and Editor Colourist, the film was very much a miracle in the making. Wearing so many hats was more by necessity of the budget than choice. When I had a $1 Million budget on my previous film “Dealing with Destiny”, I just directed and that was my sole role. Every other role was hired and paid for. I do have a preference for the Dealing with Destiny budget and only wearing only one hat. The Directors.

Making a film on a micro-budget requires the filmmaker to wear many hats and that was the reason that I took on so many roles. I highly advise up and coming filmmakers to learn editing. It is such an important role and if you are a really good editor, it will save your bottom line considerably. Editing with Directing and Producing is such a necessity when you are making micro budget films.

With Tabernacle 101, our micro budget success story, it is now very gratifying to see the film doing so well on the festival circuit with nine film festivals officially selecting the film and counting.

At this time there are more feature films being made than at any other time.  At Sundance Film Festival, 14,000 films were submitted. Sundance still only screens just over 120 films. That is a fistful of rejection that happens every year for many great films.

Here is the progression over time at the Sundance Film Festival

  • 1993-  250 Films submitted.
    This reflects that it was difficult and expensive to make a film in 1993
  • 2003 – 2000 Films submitted    Ten years later and it is much easier to make a film.
  • 2013 – 4000 Films submitted   Ten years later and the entries have doubled indicating the proliferation of filmmaking.
  • 2020 – 14000 Films Submitted   Only 7 years later and it is nearly  5 times more as of 2020

The above is a barometer of the amount of film productions made around the world each year.  Every Film Festival gets thousands of entries and from that they will pick 50 – 100 films.  It is challenging to be selected.

Film freeway is the site used to submit films into film festivals. You can get help here making your film happen.  There are many more film festivals and creating a strategy such as suggested in this post here, is the way to go.

1 USA Official Release Theatrically — Only 665 films are released in the cinema in the USA every year.


3 Released on mutiple platforms in the United States. Amazon Prime Vudu Tubi Google Play Apple TV

4 DVD and Blue Ray Released in USA

5 Nine Official Selections in Film Festivals around the World — 3 Wins for Best Feature Film

6 Opening Night Film Screening at the ScFi Film Festival.

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