Tabernacle 101 – The New Definitive Version Releases Tuesday 22nd December

Tabernacle 101 – The New Definitive Version Releases Tuesday 22nd December

Tabernacle 101 won Best Film at The Directors Cut International Film Festival in Canada. That brings the grand total to Four Best Film Awards at International Film Festivals and fourteen Official Selections.

A few weeks ago, I sat down and have ventured back into post production editing on Tabernacle 101- 2021.  I have been very busy working on the definitive version of Tabernacle 101 – 2021. 

The New Version will be released on Tuesday 22nd December. So why and I making the definitive new version of Tabernacle 101.  Should one not fix what is not broken. I really feel that for our Australian Release and for international I want to have a Premium version that is only available online on our website.  

It is wonderful to be back working on the film. The Editing Time Vortex where hours feel like minutes and time evaporates so fast always indicates that the process is very enjoyable. I start at 8am and it feels like an hour has past and I look at the clock and groan. It is midday. And I only have two  more hours till 2pm. It is a strange phenonemen and always happens to me when I edit. I know many other filmmakers have the same experience.

Editing and postproduction in general is where the film is created. On Set, it is all about getting the shots and the performances from the actors. I am so glad to go back and work on all the areas that have frustrated me at screenings.. Now  With the benefit of hindsight, I have fixed some areas that I was not completely happy with.

My new version of the film will be screened on Friday Night December 18th for the first time with the full release happening on Tuesday 22nd December, and I will make sure you know about the film. If you want to see the first ten minutes please go to this page. 

Here is a big tip for you. It is so important to add tools to your toolbox of indie filmmaking skills.  This saves you budget and you get to make your film exactly the way you want to make it. If you want to learn editing and add this exceptional skill to your toolbox, please go to this page and take our Online Editing Course

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