The Importance of a Champion

The Importance of a Champion

Working on you own and in isolation can prove to be a tough challenge for Filmmakers. That is why Experienced Filmmakers like to go to supportive events in the filmmaking Calendar.

Many like to go the Film Markets such as The AFM (American Film Market) or Cannes Marche happening now in the South of France or the Producers Guild of America special events. The reason for this is that you meet other filmmakers and executives and network with the business end of the Filmmaking Spectrum.

All great filmmakers have had a champion who supported their metoric rise. James Daly with Oliver Stone. Laurence Bender and Harvey Weinstein with Quentin Tarantino.  Rodger Corman and Paulene Kael for Martin Scorsese All Great Filmmakers have had somebody or group that catapulted their film career. This is called the Champion or the person or group that champions a new filmmaker and brings them from obscurity to prominence.  

There can be different phases in a filmmakers career. For example at the start  a filmmaker may have a teachers or Film instructors who love the short films.  o as they As the filmmakers progresses, a famous Executive Producer  recognises their talent and decides to support their film financially and makes sure that the film gains world wide distribution. This is why it is very challenging to make it big in the filmmaking world totally on your own. 

But with a champion, a Filmmaker can bring their film careers to huge heights building  a fan base and creating a film directors name that is synonymous with quality and brilliant movies. Think about it. When you hear of a new Tarantino Movie,  most people want to see his latest film. Yet all these filmmakers started out with nothing and obscurity. 

So how can you you gain a champion. How can you find the mentorship that you require. It is challenging, but the most important part is 

  • to make low budget and micro budget films 
  • that do well at film festivals 
  • you keep an earnest eye out for the opportunities and people who can help. 
  • Network and champion yourself at film events
  • Most importantly grab opportunities when fortune knocks.

You can start this process and learn all about the above,  at our filmmaking Course and the Coaching and Mentorship sessions with a successful indie Filmmaker. This would be a great place to start.  

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