The Whole Film Production Process 

The Whole Film Production Process 

One of the interesting things about Filmmaking is that it is a marathon.
The process is far more involved than people think.  There are Five distinct seasons in every professional Film Production.

Season 1   Development and Screenplay

This is the time when you germinate the story idea, premise and storyline. Then you write a screenplay and attract Finance or the means of getting the film made. Once the Film is developed you are ready to go and make the Film, you are green-lit and can move to the next season.

Season 2 Preproduction
This is where you cast and crew the film, find locations and book film equipment and build sets if needed. It is an intense time where it is all about getting ready to shoot.

Season 3 The Shoot
This is the obvious. It is where you shoot the film and you will have a set amount of days to shoot.This is the shortest and most intense season and it is also the most fun and challenging in so many ways.

Season 4 Postproduction

This is where the film is edited, coloured, titled and any VFX is completed. This is also where you complete Sound Post with Dialogue perfection, Sound Effect inserted with background atmospheres and music. All these tracks are mixed to produce the Soundtrack that makes your Movie a Movie. Once complete, you test and Export the Final Film.

Season 5 Audience

You enter Film Festivals, win awards and find a great Film Distributor. In collaboration with the Film Distributor, you plan your Release and get millions upon millions of people to watch your Film.
That is Film Production in a nutshell. There are many moving parts and that is why I have developed an amazing film production tool.
If you are Beginner or Emerging Filmmaker or Advanced Filmmaker, I want to give you this free and invaluable filmmaking tool that I and my team use every time when making movies and it works.

 It is called the “The Filmmakers Production Road Map”

 It shows you where you have to go and how you get there when you are making a Video Production or Short Film or Feature Film.  Just like a Roadmap it is an essential tool for getting from A- B when making your movie.

 Every Step that you need to Take to Get your Film Made is down in order of when you need to do it. Nothing is missed. This Free Tool is the Ultimate “To Do List” for Filmmakers

From Screenplay to Finished Movie, every Step is itemised. It is 8 pages long and once you have it, you will not miss anything when making   film.  This is the Ultimate Road Map for Filmmakers and it is Free Now.

Get your Copy Now on this Link Here 


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