Tip 2 To Direct Like a Pro –  Cast like a Pro.

Tip 2 To Direct Like a Pro – Cast like a Pro.

Tip 2 To Direct Like a Pro –  Cast like a Pro. 

When we teach on our Film Courses, we always have a full night of casting as one of72891eb61a8e80d72915d79f3ca0bc0e the sessions. There is a very good reason for this.I have seen many films where the technical side of film making is on par with a Hollywood film.However the writing and the casting is abysmal.

So bad it totally destroys the film making.The acting is wooden, lacks credibility and totally takes the audience out of the film. Do not let this happen you.

My advise is this. Learn how to cast properly.
Here in Sydney, emerging film makers and indie film makers alike use Star Now to find their actors. On the 3 month Film Course , we teach the film makers to do the exact same. We show you how to create the correct copy to attract actors to apply for your casting. Every day actors are inundated with audition adverts sent via Star Now.You have to make your casting call as appealing and as attractive as possible.

We teach you how to do this and then how to book the actors.
We show you how to organise a professional casting and audition process.
As the Director, you need to be present at the casting.
You also need an assistant and a camera person and a reader actor to read opposite the actors who  are attending the casting. It is so important to look professional.

Recently for our film Tabernacle 101, our 95 minute feature film, we saw 173 actors total IMG_3719-300x200and cast our 2 leads and 2 supporting actors from this total. It is hard work. We saw everyone first and then we had a short list of about 25 people who came back for a 2nd casting. Then we whittled the short list down to eight.

On our third round we tested our final actors. In the end we cast our 4 actors after much deliberation and intuition and advise. We know that we found the best 4 actors. Seeing them on set makes me feel and know that we are making a great film with the very best acting talent available to me. As always with film, try not to do things the hard way.As a small part of our film Courses we teach you how to cast properly. This will raise your film making and your film to the another level.

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