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A Film Director needs to prepare diligently for a film shoot.  The areas that a Film Director is involved in, during preproduction is as follows.12747868_10208310152209130_7276638341045919815_o

  1. Casting and Rehearsals with Actors
  2. Meetings with the Production Designer ref the design or enhancement of the film sets
  3. Meetings with Costume Designer ref the wardrobe for the actors
  4. Meetings with the Key Makeup Artist ref the makeup for the actors in the film.
  5. Meetings with the DOP ref the Shot Lists and the visual look of the film.
  6. Meetings with the First AD ref the shot list and the blocking of the actors.
  7. Meetings with SFX or/and VFX people involved in production.
  8. Meetings with any Stunt co-ordinators ref the stunts involved in any scenes.
  9. Location Inspections of the locations sought out by the location scout.

This is something that can be taught on an exceptional film course.

The more planning, the better the film shoot. It is a very simple equation. The shoot is an exciting part of the filmmaking process. A Film Director needs to have vision and clarity when directing a film. Most of the direction takes place in Preproduction. On the shoot itself, the director will work exceptionally hard at directing the crew and actors. But the bulk of the work must be completed in preproduction.  The simple rule for a Film Director is this. Prepare Prepare Prepare.

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