What is your Eyeball Goal

What is your Eyeball Goal

Setting the Eyeball Goal for your Short or Feature Film is essential for the success of your film.

If you make a film and have no idea of how many people are going to watch your film at the end of Production, you will be limiting the success of your film. The Eyeball Goal refers to the amount of people who will watch your film once it is completed.  This is your audience.

There is two parts to this process. 

  1. Set the Goal 
  2. Work out the “How” of Making the Goal happen.
  3. Do the Work to make the Goal happen.

Set the Goal 

Set an ambitious goal for your audience. As a guide, for a short film you should aim at one million people or more watching your film. For a Feature Film, 10x that and make it 10 Million People. 

You might say that it is impossible. But it happens all the time with low budget films. Why can it not be you? 

Even if only 600000 people watch your short film over the next five years , that is a great acheivement. Setting high and exciting goals will attract an audience. When you aim high, you will do things that will attract the audience.

Work out the how 

For a Short Film , you have basically two audiences.  

  1. Film Festivals. You will need to learn how to enter successfully film festivals. There are many things that you can do to dramatically increase the success of your film festival run. We teach this on our Film Courses. When you complete your  film, focus on your film festival selection and awards. This takes 3 – 6 months after completion of your film.
  2. After Six Months you will then focus on the top Online Short Film Sites. There are many great short film sites out there such as the number one site in the world  “Shorts international” and “Short of the Week”  Get your film on these sites and more than a million people will watch your film. In addition, you will promote your short film and screen it on your Facebook Page and your YouTube Channel.

Wait for Film Festival Success and you will increase your chances of being selected for one of these premium sites. 

 We teach this area in detail on our flagship filmmakers course. We want you to succeed and therefore show you the way.

For A Feature Film, it is a  different approach. For Film Festivals, it will be the same and you will take six months entering and succeeding in Film Festivals. Film Freeway is the  best website  and is where you enter Film Festivals.

After six months you will seek out a Film Distributor and show them your successful film festival run. 

This creates value in your film and you will need a FIlm Distributor for a Feature Film , if you want to be successful.  Find the best and even m0re important honest Distributor. If you make a mistake here, you may end up with nothing. That is why we urge you to get the best mentorship in indie Filmmaking on our Flagship Filmmaking Courses.  

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