Whats Happening August 2021

Whats Happening August 2021

Message from Colm O’Murchu 

I hope you are following your Indie Filmmaking Dream. Making Films is always a fun activity that brings you to locations that you would never have gone to normally. Also, you meet so many talented people that you would never meet in other parts of life. That is why we love filmmaking.

Many filmmakers struggle with Time Management. Therefore I wanted to share with you a ninja time management tip that I learned recently. It has worked so well for me. 

Time Management Tip that has worked for me  

If you are starting out in filmmaking and feel that you never have anytime to work on your own projects Try This.  Schedule  one – two hours per day, 5 Days a week that is reserved only for Indie Filmmaking.  That will work out at 5 – 10 hours per week. 

If you work it right, you can get a huge amount done in that time. People often say that they have no time. Get up an hour to two hours earlier in the morning and you will have time. If you are a night person, work two hours at night. There is always time. 

Let’s assume that you are a morning person and you work first thing.  Pick a topic and place a timer on for 27 minutes and work on a Grade A Action for your filmmaking. It could be a Script or a Budget or an Investment Plan or an Edit of a Film already shot or a schedule for a film shoot coming up. 

Work Focused without distraction  Turn your phone to silent or better still Airplane Mode for the hour. Then a 5 -Minute Break and Work another 27 minutes fully focused on a Grade A Activity.

 If you do this five days a week, you will make major progress on scripts you are writing, edits you are doing and it will stop procrastination.

If you have to go to work, you will feel great that you have worked for an hour and maybe you can fit in another hour later in the day. If you do not have to go to work and earn a living and you have spare time, work another hour and see what happens. And so on.  It is far better to do work focused for an hour or two per day than do average unfocused work over a full 10 hour day. 

The litmus test is are you having fun with what you are doing. If so, of course it will be easy to keep going. Sometimes it takes a few days to get on fire with a film script or an edit. It will happen if you love Film Making Please try out the above Tip 

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