Why you Should Enter Film Festivals.

Why you Should Enter Film Festivals.

 Why You Should Enter Film Festivals 

Film Festivals are really fun way to get your film out to the world. The great thing is that they get screened on big screens and many people around the world see your film.  Our recent Feature Film Tabernacle 101 screened in 24 Film Festivals internationally and took our 12 Best Film Awards  Please see Poster. One Film Festival Director from a Top 100 Film Festival emailed me the following ref Tabernacle 101

Dear Colm, 

It was a pleasure watching your movie “Tabernacle 101”. The Film possess mesmerizing supernatural elements which keeps the viewer restless. Visual and sound effect are superb. The screenplay, editing, techniques and specially your directing is captivating. All of the players did a great job and deserve an ovation. This is what an artistic cinema is all about. Keep up the good work. Eagerly looking forward to see more of your movies.

Festival Director  Mahmoud Reza Sani 

For me as a Filmmaker it is fantastic to get that type of feedback. 

So how should you go about getting your Film Seen

  • Use Film Freeway Web Site to Enter Film Festivals
  • This is the crown jewels site when it comes to entering Film Festivals.
  • Use their Marketing Services to promote your Film
  • Film Festivals will offer discount wavers and sometimes free entry if you market.
  • You actually save money on entry fees if you enter 30 Film Festivals. 

I have no affiliation with Film Freeway outside of using the site to enter and market my own film.

  • Enter 30 – 50 Film Festivals over time. The more the merrier.
  • Some will reject your film but
  • An Acceptance rate of 50% acceptance will mean that you have great success with many awards .

Some people might only get 5% hit rate. That is still a success, Your film will be in a Film Festival Film. That places you in a different category to 80% of other films that never get into a Film Festival.  You will have the laurels on your poster and people will want to see your film. This will enhance your CV and your film career. 

As you can see with the Poster for our latest feature film Tabernacle 101, made with advanced course film students, we successfully screened in 24 Film Festivals. From that we had 12 Best Film Awards. That of course has increased since we created the Poster. 

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